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A huge thank you to Best Bay Locksmith for fixing my broken car key. The service was fast, and the serviceman was very professional. I later checked the price of new keys at my dealership and was very surprised to find that I actually got a great deal. Definitely a great locksmith service.

Carlos Rodriguez 12/20/09

I couldn’t believe my luck when I found my keys locked in my car a few hours before a final. I was about to give up when a friend gave me Best Bay Locksmith’s number, saying they work fast and for a pretty good price. I made it to my final on time and wasn’t even stressed – the service was a total relief.

Justin Hettinger 3/15/10

My boyfriend and I got free tickets to see a movie I had been really anticipating for a long time. We were about to leave to get dinner before, but the key wouldn’t go into the ignition! A Best Bay Locksmith technician came and made us a new key in just a couple minutes. He worked so fast that we still made it to the movie, and with time to spare!

Jessie Bereiles 7/3/10

I strongly recommend Best Bay Locksmith’s service to anyone in need of a locksmith. The phone operators were quick to understand, the locksmith that arrived at my location fixed my problem in almost no time, and the price was much lower than I expected. A satisfactory service indeed.

Michael Tenner 5/17/10

I got locked out of my car on the way to a New Year’s party. I called so many other services, but there was no reply. It was so relieving to find that Best Bay Locksmith work all day, every day – incredibly convenient and helpful!

Katie Hauser 1/5/10

I would recommend this company to anyone looking for an affordable transponder key re programming service. The dispatcher was helpful and courteous, and the locksmith got the job done quickly. From now on, this will certainly be my go-to locksmith company!

Larry.N 10/20/12

Best Bay Car Locksmith impressed me with their professionalism and customer service. Never having required the services of an auto locksmith company, I did not know what to do when I lost my transponder keys. A friend recommended Best Bay Car Locksmith and now, having watched them in action, I understand why! The locksmith re-keyed my locks and, right there and on the spot, cut me a new set of transponder keys. These are top-notch locksmiths.

Chuck.L 11/03/12

This company certainly delivers on its promise to provide 24/7 locksmith service. I lost my keys at a party last week, only realizing it at 2am The dispatcher was wide awake when I called, and the locksmith arrived within 20 minutes. He cut me a new key for an amazingly reasonable price. I won’t hesitate to recommend these locksmiths to my friends and relatives.

Joseph.B 11/16/12

Best Bay Car Locksmith got me out of a lockout jam last week, easily unlocking the door of my minivan. The locksmith was professional and friendly, the rates fair and reasonable. I’m grateful to this company for their response time and transparent fees.

Mike.Allen 11/18/12

Best Bay Car Locksmith certainly impressed me with their locksmith services and prices. They easily extracted my ignition key from the switch even though I had made the problem worse by trying to pull it out myself. Great company!

Robert.P 12/02/12