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How to Open a Safe

Any good locksmith ought to know how to operate the typical kinds of locks and security mechanisms. This includes vehicle locks, ignitions, home door locks, window locks, commercial high security locks, and the like. But it also includes safes. Safes are among the most preferred methods for securing items that need protecting. Typically they house everything from the family jewels to social security information, birth certificate information, client information, money, and more. Being able to operate a safe successfully and efficiently is essential for any locksmith to learn how to do. What’s particularly difficult is when the owner of the safe loses the ability to operate the safe, such as by losing the key or the combination code. Your job as a San Francisco bay area locksmith includes knowing how to open a safe.

Having the Right Tools

The very most important part of safe cracking is in having the right tools. If your preferred method is to drill or scope, you’ll want the appropriate drills and bore scopes. If you prefer to manipulate it old school style by touch and sound, you may want to acquire a stethoscope to be able to hear the sound of the lock turning. If you prefer prying or cutting your way into a safe, you may want to look into other methods – but keep a backup laser or torch just in case all else fails you. But most importantly, make sure that your tools are up to date. There are always new developments happening here in technology and having the newest equipment will make all the difference. In fact, if you don’t have the latest equipment and the knowledge of how to use it, it may be that your efforts are entirely in vain when it comes to modern safes.

Prying or Cutting It Open

Forcing your way into a safe may be difficult. You may first thing of trying to force it open. You can pry open the door using various tools or cut it open using a saw or laser, but these really aren’t the best methods because they can be messy and noisy and they’ll usually damage the safe beyond any repair. If you have to resort to this, it should only be because you tried everything else already and you couldn’t make it work.

Drilling It Open

Drilling or scoping are two of the most common techniques for opening a safe. Typically it’s a very efficient method for gaining access because you simply drill a small hole and then you have a way to get inside to view and manipulate the locking mechanism. You can drill through the top or the side or the front, but be careful – if you don’t know the safe model well, you could find yourself in a situation where you’ve drilled in the wrong spot and have consequently made the safe impossible to open. Typically these problems arise from drilling through the front, so if you drill from the side you may be all right. Each safe is unique, however, and a working knowledge of all manufacturers and models of safes will prove incredibly important in this field.