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Tips for Preventing Car Lockout Situations

Unfortunately as a driver, sometimes it’s all too easy to find yourself locked out of your car. Whether it was an accident and your car door shut with the keys inside or you lost your keys or they were stolen, car lockout can happen to anyone. In fact, it’s rare for a driver to have never experienced it. How do you avoid this unfortunate and potentially embarrassing situation? Here are a few tips for preventing car lockout situations in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Establish a morning routine

Routines are something that we as humans like very much. You know exactly what to expect and how things are going to play out when you have a routine. If you have a problem with not knowing where your keys are or losing them or misplacing them, figure out a morning routine that will help. For example, you could always grab your keys right after you put on your shoes so that after a few weeks you’re used to the order of “shoes, then keys”.

Have a set place to keep your keys

Some people prefer a key hook on the wall while others just put it in their pocket or purse. Whichever you do, have a set place you keep your keys. When you come in the door, you always hang them on the hook. When you leave, you always put them in a specific zipper or pocket of your purse, or you always put them in your right side pants pocket.

Keep a spare for yourself

While some prefer to put a spare under the doormat, this isn’t safe. Keep a spare car key somewhere in the house or in a zipper part of your wallet. That way you’ll always have a backup if you lock your keys in your car.

Give a spare to a trusted friend or neighbor

Who would you trust to have an extra key to your car in case you got locked out? Give them one to keep hold of so you can call them if this happens.


While they may be annoying, that’s actually a good thing – having keychains on your key ring makes them bulky or noisy and therefore more difficult for you to lose track of. The slight annoyance of bulky keys is better than losing them all the time.

Replace damaged keys right away

If your key is damaged at all, don’t put off replacing it. You could end up trying to jam a broken key into your car door or ignition and it won’t turn. Get it fixed right away so you don’t have this problem.

Never leave your keys in the car

Don’t do it, not for any reason! Unless there’s a trustworthy adult passenger sitting in there with your keys, don’t leave them in the car. Avoid situations where you have to run in and grab something and you leave the car running, but if you have to, at least roll down the car window in case the door shuts and you can’t get to your keys. Always keep them on you.

Have roadside assistance in your phone

This is a preventative measure to save you in the future. Keep Car Locksmith San Francisco already in your phone so that if something happens, we can rush to your side.